Production Process - Carpentry

The works produced by Picalarga are the result of mastery that combines craftsmanship with industrial work.


Picalarga's main objective and goal is to interpret and work successfully with architects and external consultants of great prestige. At the same time it carries out "custom made" executive construction projects that contribute to the the realization of the finished work. "The true project" has always been the main choice to avoid even the smallest errors during the final assembly in the premise.

The production and assembly

It's in the laboratory where it takes shape and forms the the work itself. The productive process uses CNC machinery and software specially designed with the cad cam system, to create authentic works that unveil immediately the beauty of the wood and that will give value to the technical and productive characteristics.
These software are not created by engineers or architects but by carpenters themselves, who know the characteristics of the wood in their entirety and therefore can "communicate" with the machines.
From the moment of the arrival of materials up to the definition of the smallest created detail, often through a detailed sampling, the work is made with all plant equipment and finishes requested by the customer, while maintaining strict quality control and enhancing the value of the work itself being able to show the customer the work in progress.
The cataloging of the pieces, the dismantling in view of the final assembly, the polishing, packaging, transport and delivery are the phases that conclude the production process and enhance the work itself.