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Certified Products

The window frames created by Picalarga fit perfectly in any context, as they can fit in the best manner in classic as well as modern architectural spaces

The customer has the option to choose among many types of wood, colors and shades and is sure to find what he needs for his ambience to get a result which is original and inimitable. Installing wooden shutters means "treating yourself" with windows that insulate you home accoustically and thermally.

The armored windows represent a tested product that is patented and certified. Since 2002, our windows are certified and are proven to be resistant to 2200 Joules, after ballistic testing by the laboratory of the National Proof House for Firearms in Brescia.

The wooden windows CE reflect the requirements to comply with for the tax deduction plan "eco-bonus" and have obtained the certifications of compliance for the air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance.


The fire doors certified Rei 60, approved by the Ministry of Internal affairs are solid wood doors, designed to ensure the safety and security of people and property and offer the best fireproof performance coupled with a design which is elegant and refined.



Quality determines the nature of a product and makes it different from others. We sought to offer it and we put the focus of our attention is not only on the customers, their needs and expectations, but also on the need to guarantee products and services of higher level.