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Our history:5 generations with the same passion

“In 1878, the first contract, signed for one penny, dates back to the time of our great-great-grandfather Paolo Picalarga who signed it with the very first major of Rome" The passion of our ancestors combined with determination, courage and creativity made the history of this company. Our ancestors, inventors and founders are an example of the "Made in Italy" philosophy that laid its foundations in craftmanship and tradition combined. Our fathers are the children of our grandparents who taught us the love of wood, attention to detail and the secrets of accurate finishing; qualities that define the highest standards in artisanal cabinet making.

In the early '900, Mariano, the son of Paolo-our great-grandfather-continued his father's work. In the years after the Second World War, Theodoro, son of Mariano-our grandfather- restored the shop, bringing back to light the precious machines for wood working that had been hidden during the war period. During the 1950s Theodoro Picalarga made doors, windows, furniture and furnishings for private commissions, teaching the skills of the trade to our father and Arnaldo Mariano, starting from early age while they would hang out inside the shop, putting their hands in the sawdust, watching and grasping the secrets of the craft. In the 1960s we started the production of works for restoration and renovation for buildings, villas and luxury apartments. Mariano and Arnaldo, two different personalities-one dedicated to the workshop and the other focused on the building sites-decided to invest in new machinery to improve production. In the following years, the Company started to supply of works of public interest, keys in hand, and new integrated and organic conception of interventions including masonry, painting, plantings, metal and upholstery. The production of such works on specific projects and unique designs highlights the importance of planning that takes place both independently and with the collaboration of external designers and architects of great prestige and expertise.

Today, with the addition of our children and Arnaldo and Mariano, our company reinterprets and delivers a heterogeneous and representative image. Our employees also passed their legacy from father to son, since there are many families who have been working with us for over 30 years, whose fathers and grandfathers worked with our fathers and grandfathers. We want to thank our fathers for having taught us such attention to detail, the use of quality materials, the company philosophy which strives for the recognizability of the work over the years, the assests that make us Picalarga a well-established and constantly evolving company, that keeps its roots firm in the tradition.”


Teodoro, Pietro, Stefano
(sons of Mariano)

Marco, M.Cristina, Laura
(sons of Arnaldo)